Listing Guidelines

What is a Keen listing?

Your Keen listing is an online profile detailing the psychic services you provide. It gives you a web presence so that potential customers can decide whether or not to purchase your services. Your listing allows you to provide services via phone, online chat, or by mail and whether you want to enable bonuses. Before you submit your listing(s), please review the Advisor Rules related to listing creation and management on Keen.

What are the benefits of my Keen listing?

Listing your services on Keen has many benefits. Keen provides you with a rich set of tools and features to manage your business like:

  1. Be Found in the Keen Marketplace – It gives you a presence online for customers to find you via search engines like Google and Yahoo that crawl and index your Keen listing.
  2. Build an Online Reputation with Star Ratings and Feedback – Customers often rely on star ratings and written feedback from other customers when making decisions to purchase a product or service online. Keen's psychic community is no different. Your feedback will give customers unique insight into your level of experience and the level of satisfaction of your customers, which may be the most important information you can provide to gain your next customer.
  3. Feature your Listings – Like any business, your ability to get and keep customers will affect your success and how much business you generate using Keen. Being listed on Keen lets you promote your listing in top spots in your listing category through the Featured Listing program and increases the likelihood of reaching highly qualified potential customers who need your services.
  4. Distribution through Partner Programs – By participating in Featured Listings, your listing will be available for distribution through marketing programs that may be promoted by Keen and/or its marketing partners.

Basic Editorial Guidelines

Listing Content

To help you create a quality listing and facilitate its acceptance to the Keen Marketplace, follow the basic guidelines below when submitting your listing. Keen reserves the right to deny any listings deemed inappropriate.

  • In most cases, listings must be submitted in English. Listings may be submitted in Spanish for use under the "Psíquicos" topic only.
  • Please check spelling and grammar in a word processing program such as Microsoft® Word prior to submitting your listing. We may reject listings if:
    • They contain unconventional or incorrect spelling or grammar.
    • Symbols, numbers, and letters must represent the conventional meaning of the symbol.
  • Use standard punctuation and capitalization.
    • Your listing title and summary should not contain excessive exclamation points, unnecessary punctuation, or symbols. Special characters are not permitted in listing titles.
    • Do not use excessive capitalization such as "FREE" or "TRY IT NOW."
  • Upload a personal photo or image.
    • It is recommended to use a photo of yourself.
    • Our research shows that listings with a photo receive up to three times more calls than ones without.
    • Listings will not be accepted to Keen Marketplace without a photo or image.

Select a Relevant Topic

When creating a listing, you are required to select a topic. When choosing a topic please keep in mind the following:

  • Carefully select the one that best matches your services.
  • If you have knowledge of multiple distinct topics, create separate listings for each and categorize them appropriately.
  • You may create 1 live advice listing per topic.
  • Carefully placing your listing in the proper topic category ensures a quality customer experience and timely acceptance of your listing.

Keen reserves the right to not accept any listings deemed inappropriate for a particular topic or for the Keen Marketplace.


Listing Quality and Display

How Your Listing Displays in the Keen Marketplace

Listings will display in two ways:

  • Summary listing display on pages of a particular topic.
  • The advisor's expanded listing detail page.

The Advisor expanded listing detail page will include the summary along with the expanded additional details about the services you provide. When creating your listing, you should distinguish your services from those offered by others in your area. Here are some tips for writing a unique, compelling listing that captures the reader's attention:

  • Use a Strong Call to Action: Why should the customer contact you? Use active, exciting words like "get", "enjoy", "fix", "solve" and "help".
  • Be Professional: Maintain a friendly, conversational tone. Customers who read your listing should feel that you are both approachable and professional.
  • Be Honest: Your listing should inform the customer of what to expect.
  • Be Transparent: Potential customers want to know about you, your experience, qualifications, and how you can help them.
  • Experiment: Test different types of creative content to see what works. You can edit your listing at any time.


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