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As part of our customer acquisition strategy, first-time callers have the option of trying the Keen service for a 3 free minute call their first time. Keen requires that the customer must place a valid payment method on file that has never been used on Keen before for all new customer offers (Domestic and International), which means, you're getting qualified customers that have the ability to pay. Please note that this policy only refers to the Keen free 3-minute offer and does not affect other promotional calls, such as Advisor free minutes and other Keen offers. To calculate your Advisor earnings on these calls, please review the rules below, credit policy, and examples.


  • Advisors will earn at least $1.00 per minute for 3 free minute calls ($1.99 less platform fee and commissions) for all customers who reside in the United States. On some calls you will earn slightly more than $1.00 per minute.
  • International customers will be required to add a valid payment method to get their 3 free minutes.
  • International platform fees vary by country, and there may be some cases when your conversation details will show that you earned less than $1.00 per minute on a 3 free minute conversation from an international user. 
  • An advisor who is not living in the United States will be responsible for the platform fee that may occur when taking 3 free minute conversations.

Credit Policy:

  • Customer Support will issue credits to advisors to make up the difference between the $1.00/min. rate and the earnings calculated by the system if the user is an international subject to the rules described herein.
  • Advisors will not be eligible for a credit on platform fees that they incur when having conversations on an international number.
  • Advisors must submit a credit request within 7 days of the transaction.

Requesting Credit:

To request a credit, please fill out the Customer Support form and include the following information:

  • User Name of the Caller
  • Date and time the conversation started
  • Billable Call Length
  • Your total earnings for the conversation

You can find the above information via the Transaction Details page for the particular conversation.


* Amounts used in examples are not guaranteed amounts and are subject to change.


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