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With the Keen Advisor App you no longer have to be tied down to a computer to conduct readings. You can keep Keen at the tip of your fingertips on-the-go. With the ability to change your availability, send free minutes, follow up with your customers and so much more, whenever and wherever. We’ve created the app with our advisor’s in mind to support an easier way of conducting business.

The app is now available on both iOS and Android, with new features being added with every release.


Intended Purpose

The Keen Advisor app is the first app specifically for advisors designed to support you with everything you need to be successful. It is separate from our general Keen App and continues to be improved with each update. Our teams made this app with advisors in mind.

Benefits of the App

In addition to having another platform through which you can run your business, the app offers:

  • More freedom and flexibility to take chats on-the-go
  • Seamless, easy-to-use mobile app experience
  • Increased overall availability for more business
  • Push notifications for incoming calls and chats
  • Higher speed and accuracy for Voice to Text on chat
  • Accessibility options for Spanish speakers and options to increase font size

Current App Capabilities

We have all basic functions that’s available on the full website including availability management, notes, customer details and transaction history. For a full list of app capabilities, please see our Features and Tools article. Keep in mind that we’re always working to add more features, but here are a few features that we’d like to highlight:

  • Set Your Availability– Similar to, you can set your availability to "Offline/Arrange Calls/Taking Calls" and "Offline/Taking Chat"
  • Notifications – You'll be notified when you receive an incoming call or chat via push notifications and sound alerts regardless of whether you're actively in the app or not. See photos below for push notifications outside of the app and notifications on the lock screen.
  • Increase font size using your phone's factory settings
  • Change language to Spanish using your phone's factory settings
  • Dark Mode - ability to change the theme of the app from light to dark mode. Dark mode allows you to stay focused, reduce eye strain, and improve phone battery life. 

What's Next? Upcoming Features

As mentioned above, we’re always looking to add more features with every release. We value your opinions and suggestions. You know what you need best, so help us decide what to do next.  If you have any suggestions, please send us an email through our Support Form.

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