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Keep Keen at your fingertips with the new Advisor App! You no longer have to be tied down to a computer to take chats on-the-go, and timely phone alerts will make sure you stay connected to customers. Available on both iOS and Android, this app will help improve any advisor's business. Note: we are continuing to release new features with every release. 



Intended Purpose

The Keen Advisor app is the first app specifically for advisors, and it is separate from our general Keen App. Our teams made this app with the advisor in mind for the following purposes:

  • Provide advisors with freedom, flexibility, and mobility to work on-the-go
  • Allow advisors to chat successfully without being tied to a computer/laptop
  • Improve call and chat success through mobile notifications

Benefits of the App

In addition to having another platform through which you can run your business, the app offers:

  • More freedom and flexibility to take chats on-the-go
  • Seamless, easy-to-use mobile app experience
  • Increased overall availability for more business
  • Push notifications for incoming calls and chats
  • Higher speed and accuracy for Voice to Text on chat
  • Accessibility options for Spanish speakers and options to increase font size

Current App Capabilities

We have all basic functions – availability management, call, chat, arranged conversations, notes, customer details, transaction history, and chat transcripts. Our team is working on additional features, but here is what you can currently do on the app:


  1. Set Your Availability
    Similar to, you can set your availability to "Offline/Arrange Calls/Taking Calls" and "Offline/Taking Chat"
  2. Select Your Primary Phone Number
    You can select a primary phone number and switch among your existing phone numbers (which you've input via
  3. Toggle Your Schedule
    If you've already created a schedule on, you can turn it on/off on the app. We recently upgraded our Schedule feature on so that you have the option to 1) sync and 2) display your schedule. Currently, the app does not align with the new schedule feature. If you toggle your schedule on in the app, it will only sync your availability but not your display. Coming soon!
  4. Arranged Conversations
    View and take arranged calls and chats on your waitlist queue of arranged conversations
  5. View Account Balance
    View the balance of your earnings for the day
  6. Send Us Your Feedback
    Send your feedback, any feature requests, and screenshots of any technical issues to our team directly through email
  7. Contact Us
    Easily submit questions or concerns to the Keen Customer Support Form
  8. Notifications
    You'll be notified when you receive an incoming call or chat via push notifications and sound alerts regardless of whether you're actively in the app or not. See photos below for push notifications outside of the app and notifications on the lock screen.
  9. Chats
    Now, with the app, you can chat on your mobile device without any worries of accidentally being set to Offline (which happens on the mobile browser). Chat as if you were on Chat has 4 tabs you can navigate while on a live chat:
    1. Chat Transcript – view your previous chat history and text your chat message with your customer. You can also use Voice to Text using the microphone built in to your keyboard
    2. Customer Information – view your customer's information
    3. Notes & Notes History – view notes that you've previously input on, add additional notes during or after a conversation 
    4. Arranged Conversations – view any arranged conversations you have with the customer
  10. You'll be notified when your customers respond to your chat even while navigating other tabs. You may navigate outside of the app for up to 60 seconds before the chat expires.
  11. Calls
    You'll receive an incoming call notification along with the customer's information that you typically see on's Call/Chat Monitor. Then, you'll receive a phone call on your selected primary phone number. This is similar to your experience.
  12. Increase font size using your phone's factory settings
  13. Change language to Spanish using your phone's factory settings
  14. Push Notification Test - a new tool to allow you to send a test push notification to your device to ensure receipt 
  15. Dark Mode - ability to change the theme of the app from light to dark mode. Dark mode allows you to stay focused, reduce eye strain, and improve phone battery life. 


What's Next? Upcoming Features

  • Send free minutes 
  • Accessibility Options (directly in-app)
  • Change font size
  • Change language in app (Spanish)
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