Advisor Sales

Keen organizes periodic Advisor sales, where participating Advisors' listings are offered at a % off discounted rate to drive customers to the site and encourage them to try different Advisors. During the sale, listing prices of participating Advisors' listings are displayed at a reduced price, and Keen increases daily marketing efforts to maximize awareness and traffic to the site.

How will these sales help grow my business?

Advisors who have taken part in our previous sales have reported an increase in traffic to their listings and an uplift in earnings. In fact, 92% of Advisors who have participated in our sales have gained paid connections resulting in a 15% increase in average Advisor earnings compared to the week before. Customers have also shared positive feedback about our sales, mentioning that they feel empowered to explore new Advisors, even those with higher price points. 


Additional benefits include:

  • Advisors who participate in the % discount sales see up to a 30% increase in connections compared to the week before the sale. 
  • 60% of sales connections are customers trying new Advisors, and the majority of sales customers are considered high spenders. 
  • Entice your existing customers to come back for a reading while your listings are discounted. 
    • Tip: use Keen Mail to let your customers know you’re in the sale.
  • Get premium placement on a dedicated landing page that Keen drives customers to via pop-ups, in-app messaging, email blasts, SMS, and web communications. 
  • Your listings will show a sales badge with your temporarily reduced price everywhere on Keen.

How do these % off sales work? 

Keen continues to optimize with each sale by gathering new learnings on what works best for customers and Advisors. The timing and duration of sales vary from one day up to a week and are based on Keen's larger marketing strategy. Keen decides when and where to invest in advertising and promotional initiatives based on the theme, season, and historical trends.


Participation in the sale requires an opt-in fee for the premium placement and increased marketing support. Keen will send reminders to opt-into the sale about one-week before the next sale’s start date. You can also opt-in early to sales via the Advisor Marking Calendar.


If you choose to participate in an Advisor Sale:

  • your listing prices will automatically lock at midnight Pacific Time the night before the sale starts. During the sale, your prices will be automatically set at the discounted price. Please note that once your price is locked in for the sale, it cannot be changed until the sale is over. After the sale, your price will return to its original amount.
  • The % discount will be applied to all of your listings on Keen. The discounted price will be displayed everywhere your listings appear on the site. 

How can I opt into the sale?

Advisors will receive an email notification to let them know about an upcoming sale. You can also refer to the Advisor Marketing Calendar to find out when the next sale is scheduled. If you want to participate in a sale, you need to pay the opt-in fee before the deadline. The opt-in fee is non-refundable and is required for each sale. This fee goes towards promoting and showcasing your listings. You will find a link in the email or Advisor Marketing Calendar, which will take you to the payment page. To pay for the sale, you can add funds from a payment method or use funds earned from readings.


Please consult your tax professional as marketing expenses may be tax-deductible!


If you’re having issues accessing the payment page, please contact Customer Support for assistance. 




We understand that these promotions are not for every Advisor and participation is always optional. Be advised that once you have paid to opt into the sale, we are not able to opt you out or provide a refund for any reason. Moreover, once the sale has started, we are also unable to change the discounted price per minute on your listings. 

What happens when the sale is live?

One of the main benefits of participating in an Advisor Sale is the increased visibility it offers. During the sale, we use multiple channels to remind our customers about it, including push notifications through the Keen app, emails, text messages, and on-site messaging. Additionally, each sale will have its own category page that will display the available Advisors who have opted in.


Sale Email (1).png


To ensure a fair experience for all Advisors participating in the sale and to avoid receiving multiple connection requests at once, the order of Advisors displayed on the sale page will be randomized every time you visit the page. Furthermore, you will only be shown when you are online, similar to our category pages. On the listing category pages, your listing will be displayed at the discounted price to maximize its exposure. 


If you are not participating in the Advisor Sale, your listing will still be displayed on the regular pages, including the featured listing sort (when bidding), Keen home pages, and through our Best Match quiz.


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