Taking Video Calls for Intimacy Coaching

Before your session

Your Video Call session will be available to start via your Arranged Conversations page. The Join Call button will gray until 5 minutes before the starting time when it will turn Green. 

Joining your session

You may join your video call session 5 minutes before the starting time by clicking Join Call.

5 minutes before the appointment starts:

5 min before appointment Time.png


Please provide a 5-minute grace period to ensure your customer joins your session. They may be updating their payment method. 

You will receive a message if the other party hasn't yet joined:

Other Party Hasn't Joined.png


Live call:

Live Call.png


At the Coach's discretion, you may have a grace period of up to 15 minutes after the scheduled ending of the session to wrap up the conversation. The session will end for both parties once the 15-minute mark has passed.

Wrapping up the conversation:

Wrap up converation snackbar.png

After the call ends:


Desktop - End Screen.png

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