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Developing meaningful connections with your customers is a crucial component of success on Keen. To get started on the path of relationship-building, you'll want to set yourself up to attract the best customers for your services. Keep reading to learn more and scroll to the bottom for our suggested checklist. 


Best Match

New customers often use Keen's Best Match tool to get paired with advisors that match their needs. This is why it is important to create listings in all categories that you feel confident giving advice on so you can reach more customers on Keen. You'll also want to make sure your listing details are up-to-date for each of your pages.  When using Best Match, customers are prompted to select:

  • The topic they are looking to speak about. This is often your listing category.
  • The specific skills or tools they are looking for in an advisor. This is a combination of your selected specialties, skills and methods.
  • The way in which they would like to hear advice. This means customers can indicate whether they want a gentle reading or one that isn't sugar-coated. Remember, accuracy and honesty are always key, but the way you deliver the advice can make an impact on how each customer perceives the experience of a reading with you. This information comes from an aggregate of keywords left by your customers within your written feedback.

Listing Search

While your Listing Quality Score (LQS) is the default sort for customers looking for an advisor on Keen, customers are able to search listings based on other attributes specific to you as an advisor. See below for the ways customers can search you and tips other advisors use to reach more customers.

  • Price per minute
    • By adjusting your pricing from time to time, you can increase your visibility which allows you to establish more connections with customers. We recommend only selecting prices that are right for you and your business goals so that the customers you attract can continue to seek advice from you.  
  • Skills and Methods 
    • Show your skills! Customers who are familiar with psychic advice often search for specific skills and methods that they know work for them or that they are curious to try out. You'll be prompted to check the boxes for each of your listings to indicate your top skills and methods. Select up to 5 of the available skills and methods that you have to widen your reach. 
  • Specialties
    • Stand out with your unique insight! Seasoned customers are known for searching for specific advice. You'll be prompted to check the boxes for each of your listings to indicate your top specialties. Select up to 5 of your topic specialties that you feel confident speaking about in order to widen your reach. 
  • Conversation type
    • Most new customers prefer Chat over Call sessions as they begin exploring the world of psychic advice on Keen. By making yourself available to do both types of conversations, you'll be able to reach more customers. Prefer one over the other? No problem! An important part of being an advisor on Keen is knowing your strengths and what sets you apart. 

Finding your best customers may look different for you than another advisor and that's okay - only set yourself available for the type of advice you're comfortable giving, whether that means a specific conversation type or topic. Customers will appreciate your honesty and accuracy above all, leading to a better experience and higher ratings.


Checklist Summary

check-mark-2025986_1280.png Create listings in each of the topic categories that you specialize in
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Select relevant skills/methods + unique specialties for your listings
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Adjust your pricing to reach ideal customers
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Try the conversation types that work for your style of advice 


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