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On each listing, advisors can choose to “pin” or highlight one specific feedback to the top of their reviews. This allows advisors to continually showcase a piece of feedback that they want customers viewing their listing to see first.

The feedback that you choose to pin for each listing will be kept at the top of your feedback until you unpin it or the feedback expires (after 12 months or the customer’s account is no longer active on Keen). We recommend you choose to pin the feedback customers would find most helpful for understanding your reading style.

How to highlight feedback

Visit Feedback Summary and choose a listing from the dropdown menu. Next to each written feedback for that listing, there is a “pin” icon in the far right column. Select the "pin" next to the written feedback you would like displayed at the top of your feedback.  Once selected, the written feedback will be highlighted in blue and in the first position at the top of your Feedback Summary. Repeat this for all of your listings that you would like to highlight specific written feedback for. 



This is how the feedback will appear on your listing for all customers:



To unpin the feedback, simply click the "pin" icon again. You can also replace a highlighted feedback by clicking the Pin icon by the new feedback you wish to highlight. Highlighted feedback can be updated as often as you'd like.


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